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Mike @ winnipeg | @
I've only recently discovered California 101 and I'm absolutely hooked! I absolutley love your sound. We just need the snow to melt and summer to arrive so that I can enjoy California 101 by the pool . Merci Beaucoup!
17 February 2011 - Winnipeg, Canada

Webmaster comments   Merci Mike. ;)

Patricia | @
I LOVE this station and I tell my friends about it. I love that you play Michael Franks and Susanna Hoffs often. I love the mix. Just one thing, you play entirely too much Linda Ronstadt ( who isn't even from California ) and I ALWAYS change the station when she comes on. Sometimes I will stay on another station until I remember to come back to CA101 Other than that, I love what you're doing. Thank you guys!
16 February 2011 - Brooklyn, NY

Webmaster comments   Hi Patricia and thanks a bunch for speaking your mind about the program and the Linda's presence. You know, the Lady from Tucson actually added something huge to the Westcoast soft rock style and that's why she's considered here as a pioneer. Fortunately, you seem to enjoy Sue Hoffs, Michael Franks and other Artists. :)

Tony | @
Brilliant music all day and night. Thanks. What was that Poco song Who Cares just played Saturday 5 Feb 9am. Can't find it on any Poco album.
5 February 2011 - North East England

Webmaster comments   Hello Tony. I think it must be "Who Else" from the 1989 "Legacy" record. Thank you for your kind words. :)

Edgar Gomez | @
Congratulations on the station, how about a little talk show between songs, about things local, the weather, concerts reviews, etc
3 February 2011 - Mexico City

Webmaster comments   Hi Edgar, that should be good. Thanks for sharing your point and have a nice day. ;)

Darren Thompson | @
Listen everyday from England love the tunes. Thank you so much guys.
7 January 2011 - Birmingham,England

Webmaster comments   THANK YOU Darren. We appreciate a lot. ;)

Brent Sorlien | @
I love your station. I can't stand Michael Franks! What a dilemma! I turn it off every time he comes on, but other than that, it is good.
9 December 2010 - Washington, USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Brent, well...true that it'd be hard to avoid Michael Franks when it comes to Californian tunes. Fortunately, you enjoy the rest. :) Have a nice day in Washington and thanks for listening.

David | @
When I was a teenager, my favorite radio game was guessing (correctly) who was performing this new song I was hearing. At 53 years old, I thought those days were long gone. I am AGAIN hearing performers I recognize playing tunes I have never heard before. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. What Joy!
26 November 2010 - California, Sierra's

Webmaster comments   Hi David. So glad to read these lines. I guess you're talking about prestigious Artists/Bands from California who go on with new tunes today, right? That's effectively an endless joy for us too. Take good care and thanks for signing the guestbook! ;)

JYM | @
Bon son, bon choix musical, BRAVO!
23 November 2010 - Québec Canada

Webmaster comments   MERCI et bonjour au Canada ! ;)

Benji | @
Lovin the music from the UK. Wish i was there :(

18 October 2010 - Birmingham UK

Webmaster comments   Hi Benji. Thank you for signing the new guestbook and enjoying the Californian tunes. Have a great day. ;)

Patty | @
This is my new favorite stations on iTunes
I love that you play so many songs I never ever hear on the other soft rock stations, and a few favorites too. Please keep up the good work and don't THINK about changing your format. This station is the best, that's what keeps us coming back for more!
Much love from sunny San Diego, California!
1 October 2010 - San Diego, CA

Webmaster comments   Hi Patty. So glad to read your cool lines from San Diego; that's pretty nice. Many thanks for the good vibes. Take care and see you soon. ;)

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