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Luc de Corte | @
Se réveiller chaque matin avec California 101 reste toujours une éxpérience paradisiaque. Great work guys !

"Smooth Fm" l'émission Westcoast revient sur la webradio Classic Rock Belge "Planet rock.". Chaque mercredi et dimanche à 21 heures à partir du 6 octobre 2010.

"Smooth FM" : The Best of 4 decades American Westcoastmusic
23 September 2010 - Brussels - Belgium

Webmaster comments   Bonjour Luc. Merci également de prolonger le rêve Calif' sur Smooth FM. ;)

Alfred van Viersen | @
Listen to you guys daily. Keep up the good work, Bye Alfred (Netherlands)
3 August 2010 - Heemstede

Webmaster comments   Hi Alfred and thank you for the kind words. (very cool) ;)

carlos molina | @
great music,great quality of sound
26 July 2010 - guatemala

Webmaster comments   Gracias Carlos. ;)

Bernard | @
du soleil, de superbes plages d'écoutes de bons moments détente font que CALIFORNIA 101 est une west cool radio, thanks !
24 July 2010 - FRANCE

Webmaster comments   Beaucoup de soleil pour vous Bernard. Merci pour le message. :)

Yann | @
Bravo et un ENORME merci pour votre travail sur California 101. J'adore !!!
11 July 2010 - Var

Webmaster comments   Bonjour Yann et un grand merci aussi pour ces encouragements. Et puis, bonjour au 83 dont je suis issu. ;)

Catherine GUIMOND | @
7 June 2010 - VENDOME

Webmaster comments   Bonsoir Christine et merci pour ce feedback qui fait plaisir. Merci aussi à Nicolas, son émission et le groupe FB. ;)

Denis-Christian | @
I'm still in California, I've discover your radio listerning since a while Swing FM a French Jazz radio, I like your radio It's ecxactly the California sound we like to hear ! Go on boys !
20 May 2010 - France 6 months/USA 6 months

Webmaster comments   Merci bien Denis Christian et merci pour ces mots sympathiques.

Dugald Hutchings | @
You are the best radio station I have found so far. Every track is quality. A sophisticated, educated and tasteful listening experience.
16 May 2010 - London, UK

Webmaster comments   Many, many thanks Dugald! From the bottom of my heart. ;)

John M | @
Just started listening to you on iTunes. great selection of music & artists. Thanks to you, I've just re-discovered Karla Bonoff's fabulous voice!
15 May 2010 - Phoenix, AZ

Webmaster comments   Hello John. Glad you like the Station and you found back Karla. ;)
Have a nice day in Phoenix.

Niit | @
I've been looking for you for-ever! Thanks for this great mix that I haven't found ANYWHERE (radio, cable TV or steaming). It's the only station that I listen to all the time on my computer. Suggestons: a bit of Janis Joplin, the smooth Santana, Jane Arden, Leonard Cohen, JJ Cale, Dire Straits, Chris Isaac, Dr John.MERCI!
25 April 2010 - Victoria, BC Canada

Webmaster comments   Many thanks Niit; you can get the Artists you're talking about on the sister station Soft Classic Rock. Hope you'll enjoy it too. ;)

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