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California-101 Links

California-101 introduces you here to some very nice sites; A BIG thanks to all those webmasters for their hard work and the quality of the content of their respective site. It also incites the West Coast radio to go on doing its best, while providing me with some "good vibrations".
And yes, the list should grow in the future. ;)

Here's the new banner of the site, using our Logo. Thanks to JPG-2A for his kind contribution.


Artists/Californian Bands

This is the absolute Linda's site (though not official)!
There, you'll find practically everything you want about our favourite singer from Tucson, along with info about other friends of hers Artists. A VERY well done site, which Tony Partridge takes good care of.
Here's another site dedicated to Linda.
It provides you with info and great screen savers/banners.
If you speak German, this IS definitively the place to go!

The Official site of the Eagles!
Available since the end of 2004, everyone can enjoy reading the discography, the news, getting some links dedicated to the members of this fabulous Band, staying informed about the upcoming tours, etc...while listening to some famous hits (in their entire version)!

A West Coast Legend : "The Pink Pelican".

From The Doobies to his solo career, Michael Mc Donald is one of the most amazing Californian voices.

Artists/Bands' Forums & Miscelaneous

- New 2008 Blog! -
Here's a true French California music addicted blog!

A cool site from Italy...Dedicated to...the Californian music. ;)

After the great success of the Yahoo Group,...A Linda's Forum saw the day!

A Forum about Toto and the Band's members' solo career.

Another Forum about the Group (with some extra features).

A Joseph Williams dedicated site.

Find some "Toto bootlegs" along with a huge documentation about the concerts.

A huge Artist is back! Thanks to a German composer.

Powerful Worldwide Radio Directory

1984 / Today : radios in Germany and Italy.

Technical sites

Easy Linux For Everyone (in French).

Perl scripts that rock! Quite EVERYTHING concerning incoding stuffs (video/audio)

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