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Los Angeles


The borrows of Los Angeles are indeed, quite independent towns within the City,...with their own city halls and polices...
In fact, there are 88 of them and can be very different from one to each other.

Let's just mention some of those areas; Starting HOLLYWOOD. A name that brings all kinds of dreams in each part of the World...This famous borrow can make you astonished as for the diversity of the population, living here...from fame and wealth to can see evreything ! In fact, HOLLYWOOD is the light that's been attracting a lot of people for quite a century, (like butterflies), to get a chance to become a movie star. True that if you are the good place, at the good moment, you can there find someone important who will introduce you to the jet set society...
Don't forget those words written by Blaise Sandrar : HOLLYWOOD is nothing else but "the Movie Mecca".

Though this borrow has lost magnificient, the 5 Majors : MGM, Colombia, Warner, Universal and Paramount haven't moved out.
Big studios that have "seen and managed" all those famous Stars.
There are also 19 TV stations and a strong video industrie too.
That is HOLLYWOOD...

But the area abounds in junkies and prostitutes...That's the contrast between the impoverished people and the affluent ones.

The most famous avenues of Los Angeles go through HOLLYWOOD.
Who never heard about Sunset Boulevard ? The longest street in L.A., with its 40 Kms... A street unfortunately also divided into a select part, the Sunset Strip (West HOLLYWOOD), and a quite of ill fame one (East HOLLYWOOD). And what to say about Hollywood Boulevard, with its famous Walk of Fame, a pavement where you can see 180 stars, each one of them, representing a Star of the show business ? In front of the Chinese Theatre, big cinéma in L.A., foottips and fingertips of great personnalities are dotted along the asphalt...Everything is done to attract visitors from every countries !

On Melrose, people bring something into fashion...A fashion that then can be spread all around the World. That's also the the place where you can meet rock stars in front of you !

A little bit more to the West, is located another prestigious borrow : BEVERLY HILLS...
HERE, no billboard allowded but a profusion of luxury stores !...
The houses are estimated at around 100 millions of French Francs (that is to say, now, something like 15 millions Euros), and they multiply in the 20's, thanks to the movie Stars who decide to live in this partical area.

BEL AIR near Beverly, is exclusively a residential zone.

Among some other borrows you have to know in Los Angeles, let's place a word about DOWNTOWN...
It is a business area and not really a place where to live in. It's all about skyscrappers, finance, trade and tourism.
3 highways go through DOWNTOWN.

But, let's leave those cold and hard areas to turn ourselves to other places, where living is more fun and easy. Let's talk about beauty, sport, rest; That's also what decribes Southern California.
VENICE, SANTA MONICA, MARINA DEL REY...Places of refuge if you like change of scenery and surf.

First VENICE,...On the border of the ocean, that's the only area where "pedestrians have priority"...There are nearly no cars, but, on the contrary, quite a lot of lively streets.
It is also the capital of the roller skate (or blade) and of the body-building. This name comes from a tobacco tycoon, who, at the turn of the century, loves the idea of digging canals like in Venise...Unfortunately, irrigation in Los Angeles has still been a big trouble, and the canals are quickly filled in !
Today, Venice features lovely Italian colonnades and modern mural frescos.

North Venice is,...SANTA MONICA; The beach of Los Angeles and, as often said, of the lovebirds too.
At the beguinning of the century, Santa Monica is the place where the Stars want to spend theirs holidays, and, thanks to that, we can still have a good look at those wonderfull houses or hotels.

Last MARINA DEL REY with its 6 000 pleisure boats; It is the biggest port in the World.

The Californians work hard, and start the day earlier than the French...That's the reason why they usually leave at the middle of the afternoon, to tan on these so lovely beaches.
Just think about that...In L.A., it is sunny 270 days a year and average temperatures are always between 18 and 30 ° C !
Bicycles ways, roller skates, surf, tanning...Californians take it easy,...and they are right !

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