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Los Angeles


Los Angeles...; L.A. for all of us who love the City.
A city that large, that it contains 88 different borrows, each of them showing their specificities. A town that has grown thanks to the Gold Rush, the Petroleum Industry, the Movie one, not to mention Ingeneering and Space Industry.
A city of light,...where every dream can come true...
In Los Angeles, shining town, the American dream is here,...It's no use trying to find it anywhere else.

First of all, L.A. is a mix of many Ethnic Groups.

- Hispanics represent the strongest Community...Quite 1 out of 3 Angelinos have Mexican origins, and they are called "Chicanos". This can be easily explained by the tossed History of California, the illegal immigration, and a strong natality.
This Community is mainly located in the East L.A. and also in Downtown L.A., where everything started out : El Pueblo !

- South Central L.A. is a poverty-stricken area...The ravages of drugs are numerous. Gangs' wars lead the borrow, and a few White people dare to cross South Central.
In fact, this is the place where the Black people principally live. They represent 10% of the population.
In 1992, bloody riots killed 50 people and many thousands were injured. 2 days of violence that the United States will never forget. Policemen had injured a Black drunk motorist man, and verdict of not guilty has been the reason of this desaster.
The Black people feel they're not part of the society, and Los Angeles is not really a city of glory and success !...

Then come the people from Asia...They usualy don't find any trouble to fit into the Californian way of living. There are 4 Communities :

- First, the Chinese, who arrive at the turn of the last century, to help the building of the transcontinental railroad and for the extraction of gold. This Community is located in Downtown, in a place, simply called "Chinatown"...They own little shops and restaurants, and are perfectly adapted to the American Way of life.

- Then, the Japonese...10% of the population... "Little Tokyo", the area they live in, is the "biggest japonese town" in the World (sure, with the exception of Tokyo).
They also come at the turn of the century to cultivate the soil, then they work tertiary industry.

- The Vietnamese with their borrow "Little Saigon"...They come after the Vietnam War and bring the Boudhism Culture.

- Last, the Koreans, with "Korean Town"...
These ones are the last immigrants; They leave their country in the 50's to escape from dictatorship. Hard workers, they make a lot of money but they don't speak fluent English and live within their own Community.

Los Angeles features mixed people, that's for sure...

That's also what makes it so attractive.

There are some places available on the beaches...

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