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Los Angeles


What about the future of The City of The Angels ?...Well, first, ... let's remember about those good things : 3 Metro Rail lines (blue, red and green...), a new Silcon Valley in the South, in Orange County, and...the extraordinary growth of the International Airport (The LAX), that ranks third in the World, regarding the traffic.
Good news that dosen't make us forget that the City can disapear one day, because located on the San Andreas fault...
In 1994, not so far away, an earthquake strongly dammages San Fernando Valley. The freeways, so important in Los Angeles, need to be repaired, and,...thousands of people become homeless ! Everyone lives in "this idea" of the Big One, the earthquake that will divaster everything !
But that's the way it is. Angelinos love their town, which still attracts the people from New York, for this sweet way of living.

As the natality is very strong, soon, L.A. and San Diego will become one... one should miss visiting L.A. once in his life, just to get this special feeling of the American Dream.

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