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Los Angeles


California location :

The American State depends on the Pacific Standard Time zone (PST).
There are 9 Hours difference with Paris (GMT) : when it's noon in Los Angeles, it is 9 P.M. in the French Capital.

Departures for Los Angeles :

From France, 4 to 5 daily flights between Paris and L.A..
2 possibilities :
- flight without any stopover (duration is about 11 H 30...).
- flight with a stopover (via London, Washington or New York for instance).

Arrival in Los Angeles :

The Internationnal Airport is that big, it contains 7 terminals.
Its name : the LAX. This one is located West L.A., on the ocean border.

If you want to go from a teminal to another one, there are many types of shuttles. You should prefer this to the taxis, (though those last ones are easier), because,'s far less expensive.

Formalities to go to the U.S.A. :

For the French, (and some of the people of the European Community), you don't need any VISA anymore, today.
Simply a valid passport and a return ticket.
Anyway, you will be invited to fill a special form within the plane...

Adresses in France :
American Consulate : 2, rue Saint Florentin
75001 Paris
Office du Tourisme des USA (tourism bureau) : providing informations, only by phone (01-42-60-57-15)

Adresse in Los Angeles :
French Consulate : 10990 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 300
(Tél : 310/235-3200 or in case of emmergency : 310/477-3965)

Telephone :

Within the U.S.A., if you want to place a call to France :
011 + 33 and your number without dialing the initial 0.

For a communication from France to America :
00 + 1 + area code (213 for L.A.) and your number

At last, if you have any trouble, just dial 0, and you'll get an operator who would normally be able to help you; For instance, you can ask her/him, to place a collect call to France.

Electricity :

Systems between the U.S.A. and Europe are not the same...In America, voltage is not 220 V but 110 V and frequency is 60 Hz...
What's more, plugs are flat-plugs...
So, if you bring some little electric devices (like a razor), don't forget to get an adaptator !

Money :

Instead of cash, prefer the traveler's cheques, because they're quite accepted by everyone, everywhere...and you can be paid back if they're stolen !...
The American Express is one of the best deal.
But, if you want to use a credit card, make sure to check this one is a Visa. (If not, you shouldn't be able to get some money...).

Car rental :

I advise you to make your reservation before leaving, because it's cheaper.
Also, try to locate for the week !

Choose "unlimited mileage pack" and feel free to refuse all those extra-insurances people will try to sell you.
Otherwise, you can find all the major car rental agencies at the Airport. They propose to get you to their parks with a rapid shuttle turnover.
To rent a car, you must be at least 21 and show your driving licence.

And...the tips :

Tips are usual in the United States and we must admitt that we're not used to that system in France !
In general, add 15 % for the taxis and the restaurants, and give 1 $ per suitcase in the hotels.

Last, leave 1$ per day for the chambermaid...

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