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California-101 is the only West Coast radio on the Internet.

The unique West Coast radio on the Internet is proud to provide you with the best of the Californian tunes in CD quality, 24/7.
We stream while using three main different formats : MP3, OggVorbis and AAC+.
I want to thank all of you who come and listen for hours on a daily basis, and I hope we could share the Californian spirit with many, many other people in the future. Also thank you if you could help with any financial support, suggestions, "words of mouth"; That'd be more than appreciated for the station to stay online and grow the way it should to impose the Californian music on the Internet.

While listening to California-101, you can already consider yourself as true pionners!...

May your Californian experience be the Best,


California-101 The Westcoast Radio streamed by...California 101!

Hi. California-101 is finally back and more powerful than ever; we opted to stream the Westcoast Radio by ourselves and make it our California 101 Co. showcase. The stream should now be 99.9% up 24/7 guarantee, thanks to our own black optical fiber.
We worked very hard for this to happen one day and I thank all the guys and gals who kept on encouraging the staff with emails or while signing the New Guestbook. That was very cool and appreciated. ;)

Here's another great news. The only Westcoast Radio on the Internet is proud to announce you the birth of its first Sister Station, called SCR (Soft Classic Rock); it's official!
We wish you'll enjoy that one and send us your feedbacks.
Last, but not least, California 101 Co. is now an actual streamhosting company, both for webradios and IPTVs; in this last very particular domain, some of us have quite 10 years in the business and we know what customers actually want : a strong, fast and easy way to stream their content on the Net.
During these past 8 years, we worked in the USA and in France and we learnt a lot thanks to many great folks. Rest assured that California-101 and SCR will take advantage of this know how.

See you right now on CA-101 and SCR. ;)


Participating at California 101 is easy!

Thanks to our brand new player, you can now check the name of the Artist and the track which is played on the stream. You can even get the picture of the Californian record cover that you may want to buy (well, not always available, mostly if you see...a yellow pelican...); Simply click on the “Buy” button and you could get the possibility to hear and buy the album at Amazon while helping the Westcoast radio a lot.

We need your good vibes, so thanks to you all folks!


California 101 thanks their listeners.

California 101 could stay the only Westcoast radio on the Internet and broadcast 24/7; thanks to you and your enthusiasm Folks!

Available in both English and French languages, it quickly became quite famous in the little webradios' world; California 101 is ranking among the best (if not #1) on Google, MSN, Yahoo and many others for pretty searchable keywords like "california radio", "westcoast radio", "california 101", "radio 101", and so on...

We want to keep this niche and stay the "westcoast must" as a radio station. That's why California 101 is now an official Tradmark and a multimedia company.

For more information, please feel to contact us at:

Why not start and get involved in the unique Westcoast radio on the Internet? Don't think twice and contact us right now.

Streaming Provider
Sister Station - Soft Classic Rock
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